Friday, January 6, 2012

shamrock tattoo

Shamrock Tattoo - The simple yet beautiful three-leafed Shamrock plant is a symbol based on clover. The name itself comes from the Irish "seamrog", short for Seamar clover. As early as the Druids, was honored as sacred plants, grows with such vigor, that it was to represent life itself. Medieval love poetry was the club where young couples would love to meet or clover. But the sentence "in clover" probably has more to do with the fact that the cattle thrive, causing our modern sense of its rich and carefree as we "in clover". Although interesting legacy of The Shamrock undoubtedly contributes to the popularity of today, it was ultimately the patron saint of Ireland, which appeared in the final and modern icon of the Irish and Celtic culture is best known. Legend has it that St. Patrick was the first person the shamrock as a symbol of choice because its three leaves, tied to a common stock, representing the Trinity of the Christian Church. Often he depicted killing a snake with his staff, essentially a high and narrow cross, which is covered with a shamrock. During the first part of the Christian Association, clover was at one point even planted on graves in the hope of new life after the resurrection symbolize, and by association, also associated with a feeling of farewell. St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York is stunning with a multiple of three leaf clover symbols sprinkled throughout the architecture. Today, but the clover is not only a symbol of the church, it's overwhelming the symbol of Ireland itself. Often in tattoo images is paired with other symbols of that country, including a harp, a leprechaun, or even the early poetic name of the country and "Erin". Large quantities of shamrocks are leaving the Emerald Isle to other countries every year to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, in accordance not only with his patron, but also his long and varied heritage as an important symbol of the Irish.

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