Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Savannah Jane Smith

Do you not love her?  I started contracting Thursday night.  By 6 the next morning we were at the hospital.  While I was changing into that fashionable gown my water broke.  Perfect timing I guess?!  A few hours later she was showing off her healthy lungs.

She was perfect


We were having issues figuring out her name.  I wasn't feeling Blake anymore... too many one syllable words... not beautiful enough.  We went through Chloe, Rylie, Shelby and landed on Savannah Jane Smith.  We've been calling her Blake for so long that we're having a hard time making it stick.  Boston keeps calling her Blake!  So who knows, we might be changing it back to Blake again in a few more weeks!

I am doing great and Boston is such a sweet older brother.  We love having a newborn in the home.  Those little sounds and painfully adorable stretches.  I am in love with her and so far have loved waking up in the middle of the night to cuddle her.  I cannot get enough of her- she is perfect.

My good friend Chelsey, from Chelsey Art Photography came to the hospital and took these amazing photos.  She was just a few days old.  If you live in Utah and have a baby on the way, a wedding in the works or in need of a family photo shoot, you should check out Chelsey's Photography.  She is absolutely amazing.


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