Sunday, January 22, 2012

Robert Blake

From an Our Gang character to a Baretta icon to a murder suspect, Robert Blake is a man of many faces. In 2000, he married a woman named Bonnie Lee Bakley after tests proved that she was pregnant with his child. It was his second marriage and her - introducing the adage never a bridesmaid and always a bride - tenth.

In May of 2001, Bakely was murdered by gun shot in a car while waiting for Blake to return from the restaurant where they had just dined. Blake was eventually arrested for murder, not accused of actually pulling the trigger but of hiring the person who did. After going on trial, Blake was acquitted.

Like O.J. Simson, an acquittal in the criminal trial did not hold up in the civil suit. In late November of 2005, a jury agreed with the wrongful death suit filed against Blake. He was ordered to pay 30 million dollars. A few months later, Blake found himself filing for bankruptcy.

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