Monday, January 9, 2012

Queen Latifah

One of the first female emcees to really make it big, and opened the door of Queen Latifah for a whole generation of women in hip-hop. She began her career in East Orange, NJ, beatboxing with a girl named Ladies Fresh while in high school. Influential producer DJ Mark King hooked her up with 45 beats to the pilot, and it fell in 1989 to LBP her first All Hail the Queen, which contains the hit "Ladies First". Her words echo a smart and strong pro-woman philosophies clearly with a lot of listeners, as the industry was more male-dominated then than it is now. With the talent to deliver a variety of insightful rhymes and catchy production, they are female rapper Prime Minister for years to come. Register for a nice third characteristic, the Black Prince (1993), and thinking gradually hit the "unity", which won in the end her Grammy. In addition to the impressive skills on the mic, Queen Latifah is also a successful actress, writer and businessman, with her ​​own label and management. Post rap album released in the court system in 1998, although it has since become a household name thanks to her work in films such as striking down the House of Representatives, Chicago (which won an Academy Award).

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