Friday, January 6, 2012

lil wayne face tattoos

The "C" between his eyes is his mother's name and his surname.
-The tears are for four people in his family that he lost his life.
-He has cash in his chest that he is the label.
-He has "The World" on the palm of his hand, meaning he has the world in the palm of his hands ...
He 'A Gun "written in the other palm.
He has 9 or 10 stars on his head.
He "Misunderstood" on his head.
He 'Tune' on his head
He 'nae "on each arm, so Nae Nae, that his daughter's nickname
He has a crack on his head and the veins on various parts of his body.
-Wings-I am Music" above his eyebrow.
- "BM JR" on his stomach which means Junior Birdman.
-His birthday on his arm.
A tattoo-Rolls Royce.
-A gun in his neck.
- "Soo Woo" on his neck, that's saying something bloods.
-Fear God "on his eyelids.
A Young Money tattoo.
ESPN-A tattoo on his arm.
-A star on his neck.
-A prayer on his back.
-A map of Louisiana on his back.
A red-head on his stomach.
-A smiley on his inner lip.
-Some barbed wire on his stomach.
- "I AM PIMP" near his ear.
A-W and Weezy on his neck.
- "Smart Baby" on his shoulders.
- "Trigger" wrote his finger.

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