Thursday, July 7, 2011

Short Older Women Hairstyles | Short Shaggy Hairstyles For Women

This trendy hairstyle was invented by John Sahag somewhere in 1970. That was first exhibited to the public in the movie Klute Jane Fonda in 1971, but the trend became popular after it was used by the famous Jennifer Aniston on the hit series Friends. After Jennifer, many other celebrities like Farah Fawcett and Victoria Princialy also adopted this look spectacular. Later, the style is lost somewhere with the wind of time, but fell a spot in recent years and today has become one of the best trends.

Shag hairstyles are a great option for women with round faces and plump as the style softens the fat of the face and offers a slim. People with long hair can easily get this haircut and add beauty to his personality. In the case of the hairs are very thick, cut toy will give an attractive balance making the hair look less thick.

Shag hairstyles are several types depending on hair length. People with short haircuts may have short bangs with layers framing the face, while some on the back. This gives a more uniform appearance and adds volume. Middle of cormorants may have the option of the layers of a few or several, depending on personal taste and desire. If a woman chooses to wear several layers then it will increase the volume and if fewer layers, cut the fluff that offer a more elegant appearance. Cormorants have few long layers to give a smooth and uniform. If there are many layers to long cuts, then it will be more complicated and thick that is removed from the beauty of style and personality of women.

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