Saturday, July 2, 2011

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40

During hair growth is at its best on the age of twelve to fourteen years. This is logical because that is when the body is at its best the release of hormones, cell regeneration and installed on a strong growth pattern that we become an adult. Everything is working well at this point in time and the body is in motion.

After the age of fourteen, cell regeneration gradually decreases as we age. This has a profound effect on the regeneration of hair cells in the hair cortex representing pigment slows. The slowdown in the regeneration of the pigment leads to the line of hair turns white. Therefore, gray hair below.

So for a woman in her forties, choosing a hair style is sometimes based on need rather than choice. Factors are time, maintenance, personal taste and the cost to maintain the hair better.

When we're younger, you have long hair natural color, shine and health, but as we age it all starts to go down hill fast. This is where the hairdresser, to keep our hair look its best.

Long hair is very expensive for the color, especially long hair and gray as the color tints are hard to take the strands of gray hair. This means harsher treatment of the chemistry of hair resulting in poor locks of hair lifeless and dull.

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