Friday, July 1, 2011

Hairspray For Straight Hair Styles

Using a hairspray on straight hair has its benefits and draw-backs. While straight hair has an inherent need for hold and smoothness, some sprays can lead to damage that increases frizz and static electricity. On the other side of the argument, if you have curly hair and the purpose is to straighten your hair, a spray or mist is necessary to protect from humidity and holds curls at bay.

As a hair products manufacturer, we deal with this problem as a common challenge. Development of hairsprays requires research and a careful, well thought-out strategy for offering maximum protection from frizz, providing adequate control, and sealing to guard against humidity. For straight hairstyles, fine aerosol mists with an emphasis on natural ingredients works best for long and short style alike. Using advanced polymers combined with botanical extracts you get the best of both worlds - gentle hold for straight hair and structure and straightening agents for wavy or curly hair.

Hairspray for Straight Hair Styles

Lightweight, non-greasy aerosol mists will help smooth and straighten hair without traditional straightening agents used in many hairsprays that feel heavy or weigh down your hair. Active, natural ingredients such as Algae extract, Palmaria extract, and Sargassum have been found to work well when formulated with Trimethicone or Dimethicone for a balanced mist. Light mists in a vaporized release do not over-spray giving you additional styling flexibility. Designed to be used on wet hair before drying, respraying small sections lightly give soft and frizz-free results when using flat irons.

Many hairsprays for straight hair with well considered ingredients can provide long-lasting benefits and results - smoothing, reduced frizz and fly-away, and effective straightening of curly or wavy hair. If you're using flat irons or blow dryers, make sure you control the heat to avoid damage. A "number one culprit" of lack of hold is usually depletion of moisture or direct damage done to the follicles. This increases frizziness and can result in breaking or snapping...and makes it difficult to straighten curls or maintain control or body of long, straight hair.

For long or short straight hair styles, we often recommend a balanced mist versus a firm-hold hairspray. If you feel need increased control, moving to a stronger controlling spray is easy. But, a perfect combination allows you to have your cake and eat it too - meaning styling hold, moisture protection, and styling flexibility.

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