Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo Body Prefect

Fans of women "ronaldo" According to United's manager, Alex Ferguson that the body prefect Ronaldo will not return to Manchester United. Ronaldo likely to survive in Madrid.

The Portuguese player, Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in 2009 and although not successful in the team, Ronaldo will not return to Old Trafford.Sir Alex Ferguson believes that Ronaldo insisted on not going back to Manchester United although the team that raised him.

Ronaldo has never donated a prestigious trophy for the Los Bloncos, Cristiano Ronaldo invited to join Real Madrid for £ 80, the value of the world transfer record.

Ronaldo won the Copa del Rey this season by winning over Barcelona 1-0 in the final, goals scored by Ronaldo won the championship for the team Real Madrid, which hopes to win the Champions League title and Spain's La Liga is still not realized.

Manchester United still likely to advance to the Bhampions League final and the team remained united despite abandoned Ronaldo.Hal raises issues that Ronaldo will return to Old Trafford but denied by Ferguson

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