Sunday, December 5, 2010

Polynesian Tattoos

Tips on Choosing Polynesian Tattoos

Polynesian-style tattoo of a powerful image that draws inspiration from Polynesian islands. their history and rich in inspiration is suitable for this type of tattoo. This design is similar to Polynesian tribal tattoo and is often compared with them. The difference lies in the use of a number between two designs.

polynesian tattoos In Polynesian Tattoos abstract or specific figures thick representatives from different types of totem used. Totem is based on the history of the island. common color used when using this design is black. Style is the ancient people that have been used for a long time which can vary depending on the region in the world who make a significant impact on you or from which you can draw inspiration.

Every Polynesian island has its own symbolic significance. The first thing to do is determine which island you want to use for your tattoo. Options for your design can Samoa, Maori Marquesan, Hawaiian and Tahitian artwork worthy of consideration. One can draw different styles taking inspiration from each island and a different tattoo designer has their own opinions on them.

Tiki God of the Polynesian Islands can be incorporated into most of your design. He was according to legend, can predict problems before they occur. He is often drawn with their eyes closed. All the sculptures have a form of human Polynesian tiki. People can choose to tiki realistic or customized with many design styles based on abstract or geometric patterns used in the design of Polynesia.

polynesian tattoo designsThe use of shellfish in Polynesian designs is wealth. Shells are often used as currency in these islands and is considered symbolically important to create wealth to someone's house.

Shark teeth used in the design to protect themselves from evil eye. Sharks seen as a sacred creature and Polynesian people think of them as protection from enemy. Try to get a gecko as a tattoo which is a popular choice among Polynesian tattoos. Creature must have supernatural powers.

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