Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gossip Girl Blair Dresses Collection

Gossip Girl Sexy Blair Dresses
Gossip Girl Blair Dresses Pic
Gossip Girl Blair Dresses
Gossip Girl Blair Dresses
While we wait with baited breath for the return of Sex and the City to our (silver) screens this summer, may I direct your attention to another New York-set drama sure to induce serious wardrobe-envy: Gossip Girl.

With a Sex and the City costume luminary at its helm, Gossip Girl is O.C. creator Josh Schwartz's new teen drama, focussing on the students of an Upper East Side elite private school whose every move is documented by an online blogger, 'Gossip Girl.' While the series lacks the charm of predecessor O.C., it more than makes up for it in the style stakes.

Gossip Girl's 3 leading ladies - Serena, Blair, and Jenny - each have their own unique style.

Serena alternates between boho and punky looks. She dresses up her school uniform with leather and animal print and favours suede boots and flowery dresses at weekends.
Blair is classic Upper East Side. Prim and proper she wears her uniform with pretty flats and smart tailored coats, choosing pringle knits, blazers and fur-trimmed collars when off-duty.

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