Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Angel Wing

Choose Angel Wing Tattoos Designs

Angels always personified the ideals of love, beauty and sacrifice. They strike a deep note of a lot of people whenever they are visualized. Angel tattoos can be created as a memorial for a loved one, to represent the spirituality of a person or to describe the innocence and contentment. Renaissance and medieval art have also used a picture of this heavenly creature in order to enhance their own beauty and perfection. Angels can be male, female or androgynous.

angel wingIcons and Medieval Angels

Medieval artworks often depict large complexity and perfection in the way two-dimensional with a lot of attention to details. Greek and Russian art also use similar techniques and follow the same train of thought as medieval times, although they are from different eras. Resources to find design inspiration for this kind of like an angel who illuminated manuscripts and icons Orthodox.

A great suggestion to type like a tattoo will be a painting of St. Michael conquering the dragon. This is a popular choice among our generation with the angels in armor that can be a good representative of the guardian angel.

angel wing tattoosRenaissance Angels

Renaissance means changes and derived inspiration from tattoo art also reflects this age of change. The angels are drawn from this age is the androgyny with plenty of flowing robes and halos over their heads. Great Masters like Raphael, Albrecht Dürer, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri and Gian Lorenzo Bernini was some of whose works we can draw inspiration for our design. This should be drawn with black lines work fine or grayscale.

 angel wingsTomb and Memorial Angels

For the purpose of remembering a loved one may have been lost in death, the angels are found in the cemetery on top of gravestones could be a good choice of options on which the person on the tattoo. It is a powerful portrayal of grief and loss angel a perfect fit for the purpose of making these tattoos. Many of them are designed with their heads bowed and their arms crossed. This posture can be made more effective by adding an award in the form of a few bold.

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